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  • Follow-up to Submission form conceptual design. Review & Discuss Atmire plan
    • All generally agree with approach laid out in
    • Andrea notes that the PATCH request fields should match the response fields.  See
    • Tim adds very minor feedback.  Doesn't like the "type='plain-metadata-value'" as that's a rather long type name.  Is it possible to shorten to "type='metadatavalue'"?   Or is there a reason why we need to note this is "plain" metadata?
    • All agree this is lower priority for 7.0, as the features "work" (once Controlled Vocab PR is merged, and it's close).  So, this work is essentially a major refactor to make the relationships/entities code easier to maintain in the long run, and align it so that everything in the Submission Process goes through the WorkspaceItem and WorkflowItem.  The features will work in 7.0, but in 7.1 we'll refactor/clean them up.