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Proposal to change from a Working Group to an Interest Group

  • DSpace Working Groups are teams which are created to achieve a specific set of deliverables. 
  • DSpace Interest Groups are teams which form around a common interest. They are essentially discussion groups where individual meet to discuss common goals, use cases or ideas. Interest Groups tend to have the following properties:

    • Often they are ongoing, with no definitive start or end date. The interest group exists for as long as the common goal is relevant.
    • Often they have no definitive deliverables or output (other than meeting notes or recommendations to Project Teams or Working Groups)
    • They may establish Working Groups or pass off ideas to existing Working Groups (to achieve specific deliverables)
  • A DSpace Marketing Interest Group (DMIG) is currently listed on the wiki
Pascal, Heather

Pascal asked for this group from leadership to fill a need for marketing strategy for DSpace.  Relied heavily on Carol. We will need attention to marketing beyond the DSpace 7 group. So propose move to an interest group. 

  • can make a call for new members as well
  • Pascal will ask leadership for an email vote
  • ACTION after leadership approval, Heather will put out a call to the community for new members
  • Can look at what the fedora marketing group is doing Communication Outreach Marketing and Community Sub-Group

Chair and Vice Chair for the GroupPascal
  • Heather will be Chair and talk to LYRASIS  about Jen for a Vice Chair.

Strategy for the Group going forward

  • Meeting schedule 
  • One option:
    • 1x per month for strategy around DSpace marketing (all audiences)
    • 1x per month is specifically the DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group, with specific deliverables planned and executed around the launch of DSpace 7
  • We are getting close to DSpace 7 release
  • Need to rethink how we do our work without Carol
  • Pascal proposes 2x meetings per month, one focused on DSpace 7 and one for strategic and general marketing
  • Group agreed to this approach
  • ACTION Heather will add a meeting to calendars. Do some wiki clean-up. 

DSpace Communication Plan Draft

A draft document for capturing the audiences, types of communication, and communication channels for DSpace information. 

  • What is missing?
  • What are the next steps for implementing this document?
  • Want to see if we have all the right categories, then make a new document with definitions for the audience. 
  • DCAT group could be a good group to share with, or we could request a joint meeting to review a near final draft
  • Website should get some more attention. People will start from the website. It is confusing that the website still lives on the DuraSpace site. There are only two links on the page for DSpace 7.
  • Would like an update on the process of combining the website and how this group could contribute. We have not been included at all so far. Jen know s this is a priority for Meg's team and there should be an update at the next meeting on timeline.
  • ACTION Jen and Heather will get the DSpace 7 page updated in the meantime
  • Can we invite the chair of Fedora marketing to talk to us about their work?
  • ACTION Heather will talk to David Wilcox to see if we can talk to a representative from the Fedora marketing group in a future meeting about what they are working on
  • ACTION FOR ALL: Add anything to the DSpace Communication Plan Draft that is missing 

Marketing goals: DSpace 7 Marketing Goals

  • what do we need to have ready for encouraging adoption of DSpace 7? What materials do we create, who has time, what do we need to be prepared for the push to move to DSpace 7?
  • Who can take action on these goals in the next three months?

  • ACTION David will start a draft on "What is a repository?" and other introductory documentation. Also a is DSpace the right fit? document. Could be a printed material, a website page, and a blog post. Deadline will be the next strategic meeting first Wed in October. David will share for feedback if needed.
  • Need to set ourselves some deadlines for this work
  • When the DSpace 7 group starts meeting we will get a timeline and deliverables decided
Options for highlighting DSpace in existing LYRASIS events and communicationsAll
  • LYRASIS is planning virtual events into next year to create virtual events and virtual packets. Rethinking all of our documentation to be virtual. Jen will have more news about that shortly. DSpace will be included. In October can share a list of where there will be LYRASIS virtual conference presence in the next 6 months or so.

Other business, news to share