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NameOrganizationTitle/RolePersonal Statement
Oliver SchönerBerlin State LibraryRepository Manager
I am a repository manager at Berlin State Library, having introduced Fedora 4 five years ago. Our infrastructure consists of several Fedora 4 instances of different sizes and purposes. Being the library a Lyrasis partner for quite a time, I am engaging in the German and world-wide Fedora community as a participant and speaker in conferences and Fedora camps. In 2018, we hosted a camp at Berlin State Library. In my everyday-work, I find, and that not being restricted to repository systems, that migration of data is one of the most important and sometimes painful tasks for IT staff in libaries. Whereas in classical relational databases this is comparably easy, in other systems including repositories it can be a challenge. So my main concern, being elected, will be to strengthen Fedora's attempts to facilitate data migrations and make data more independent from (any) application. The OCFL strategy is a good way to make Fedora even more attractive for libraries.
Melissa AnezIslandora FoundationProject & Community Manager

I am the Project & Community Manager for the Islandora Foundation and have worked with Fedora since 2012. I work closely with a community that has over 300 sites using Fedora — mostly Fedora 3 at this point. I am keen on promoting the benefits of the latest versions of Fedora, especially the upcoming features of Fedora 6,  and helping people to make the migration. This year I helped to host the first joint Islandora/Fedora camp in Arizona, and I have been seeking more ways to build stronger ties between the Islandora and Fedora communities, and to increase awareness in the Islandora community about Fedora and how it is built and maintained. 

I am based in New Brunswick, Canada, but the Islandora community is international. If elected, this would be my second term on the Leadership Group. 

Thomas BernhartDocuteam GmbHProject ManagerI have been working for Docuteam since 2014. Docuteam is a provider for archiving and information management services in Switzerland that implements digital archives with Fedora in Europe, mostly in Switzerland. We started using Fedora in 2009 and, since then, have created a set of open source Java/Ruby applications to provide ingest operations and handle submission and dissemination information packages. We've prepared to move on to Fedora 4, but postponed finalizing and migrating several times based on the Fedora roadmap. One of our main goals for the nearer future is to migrate our infrastructure to Fedora 6, which is why we're eager to participate in early adopter tests - especially for migration from 3 to 6. We're also working on a fully linked data-based standard for archival descriptions and a software stack that implements/uses this standard on top of Fedora.
I've always been very interested in open source software projects, and I would be happy to contribute to the future development of the Fedora project. I have a good overview of the needs of digital archives which I'm happy to feed back into the fedora community.

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