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  1. Status of In-Review tickets


    serverDuraSpace JIRA



  • Andrew Woods
  • Brian Lowe
  • Rachid Belkouch
  • Michel Heon
  • Ralph O’Flinn
  • Benjamin Gross
  • Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek
  • William Welling
  • Huda Khan


  • Andrew is on holiday next week (11 August meeting)
    • will create page with blank agenda; we’ll take it from there.
  • Agenda item 2 (VIVO Roadmapping):
    • Ongoing disconnect between governance and development; little overlap in participation in these two spheres.
    • Attempt under way to reschedule leadership meeting so that it doesn’t conflict with the development call.
    • Estimating effort / providing additional information about items in 2c could help leadership group.
    • Sacha: where does VIVO Scholar fit in?
      • Andrew: currently thought of as an approach to iii. (improved front end).
      • Ralph: Scholar Discovery and UI are two totally different things; UI is optional.
      • William: UI is probably of less universal interest than the API.
      • Andrew: Scholar is addressing both iii. (front end) and iv. (APIs).
    • Michel: What’s involved in the documentation item?
      • Andrew: combing through the documentation and making it better; not complete rewrite.
        • Documentation is a way for non-developers to get involved. Could have documentation sprints to bring in non-developers.
        • Could also be useful to put out call to community about what they find lacking in documentation.
        • Avoid answering repeated questions in mailing list / Slack.
  • Next sprint in three weeks: get branch into master. Also overdue for 1.12 release.  Primary feature of release will likely be i18n work.
  • Data ingest task force
    • Ralph: wiki landing page coming in the next day or so.
      • Notes from Slack are a good starting point for populating the wiki.
      • My goal is to come up with one good way of automating data entry with some sanity checking, using a technology that many people do or can understand, which we can support.
      • Michel: First part of effort should be documentation; compile recipes for how people can ingest from a variety of technologies.
      • Possibility of using simple, tabular database ahead of triplification.
      • Ralph: if people can get their data into our simple table format, we can turn it into triples.
      • William: Are there proposals for more generalized approaches?
        • Ralph: want to make sure that whatever gets produced doesn’t feel heavy and is something that the person starting out can easily use.
      • Andrew: common pattern to normalize data into database tables that reflect VIVO entities. Would be good to compare those tables and get to a “supported” set of database schemas for the staging area.
        • Have supported tooling for these schemas
      • William: another database schema is another barrier to entry.
      • Brian: My priorities for data ingest would be built-in tools to build a VIVO from publicly-available data sources (ORCID, PubMed, CrossRef, etc.) before worrying about simplifying the process of transforming your own institutional data.
      • William: this is a tall order; Symplectic Elements already does a lot of this.
      • Rachid: not everyone can afford Elements.
      • Elements Harvester is open source (the harvester from Elements to VIVO)

William’s thoughts on integrating Scholar into existing indexing:

Draft notes in Google-Doc