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TitleDescriptionLinksTime EstimateProposed ByFacilitatorInterested in
Review Samvera Labs for Promotion Candidates (or Archive Candidates)We have quite a few repositories in Samvera Labs.  Some of these may warrant promotion into Samvera; Others may be something to move to samvera-deprecated of the Dev Congress

Finish Checklist of Accessibility ImprovementsAn existing checklist of accessibility improvements is over halfway done on Arclight - would be nice to close it out.

What are we going to do about the cloud?!Some steps have been taken toward containerization and orchestration support for Samvera components, but we're missing a clear vision for what support would be useful, what containers and other resources we should publish and maintain, etc... Can we fulfill the vision of "Hydra in a Box" (a box is a type of container, after all)?

Tom Johnson @no_reply

IIIF Media PlayerContinue work on IIIF Media Player NPM module to push towards a production ready release congress and extending beyond in community sprint.Adam Joseph Arling Adam Joseph Arling
Hyrax-ValkyrizationContinue work on moving Hyrax toward being able to switch over to Valkyrie as the data layer.
Dev congress and beyondLynette Rayle

Lynette Rayle (if needed - happy for someone else to lead)

Facilitator Guide

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  •  You will be asked to introduce your topic with a brief summary (minute or less) during the kick off meeting