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  • Metadata Call 2020-07-28

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Time: 3:00-4:00pm Eastern

Call-in Info

Moderator(s): Nora Egloffand Anna Goslen


Community Notes:



  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection Working Group

    • Geo Predicates Working Group

    • Controlled Vocabularies Decision Tree Working Group
      • Julie: We are still editing the Decision Tree document and think we will have something ready in August for the Metadata Interest Group to review and suggest edits. We are also considering some of the different types of information we have been gathering in a spreadsheet (the types of fields that might use controlled vocabularies and examples of CVs used with those fields, places to find CV options, CV options available with the Questioning Authority gem, and Hyrax/Hyku specific fields connected to CVs) and considering how we might turn that into a Github repo for collaborative information gathering of all of this as well as CVs from historically marginalized communities.

    • Hyrax Metadata Application Profile Documentation Review Working Group

  • Roadmap Council Update (Jen Young)
  • Issues/Questions
    • Alternative title issue:
      • Developers have backed out of the changes that introduced the alternate_title issue that had become a blocker. This will allow them to move forward with the Hyrax 3.0 release presently.
        The issue of managing multiple titles in Hyrax still needs to be addressed but it will be part of a 3.x release after 3.0 is out.

    • Updating default CC licenses to 4.0
      • Noted as something to revisit in last month's call 

  • Topics

Next Call :  August 25, 2020, 3-4pm Eastern