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Agenda Items

  1. Welcome

  2. Additions/changes to agenda

  3. Updates
    1. CfP Presentations - 0
    2. CfP Workshops - 0
      -reminder email next weekThe lack of early response is not an unusual pattern.  RG to email a reminder to the lists on 8/3.
      ALL - need to develop a draft evaluation process next call and to create a way to get balance between dev topics, managerial etc and of diversity - big/small institutions etc.  We should develop outline methods now but not put too much time in until we know we're going to be dealing with a surfeit of submissions.

      OR criteria:
    3. Quality of Content (20% weighting)
    4. Significance (10%)
    5. Impact (15%)
    6. Thematic Fit (25%)
    7. Overall Recommendation (30%)

  4. Developer Congress - update Jeremy Friesen
    1. Here's the wiki page Developer Congress - November 16-18 2020
      Dev congress might look more like a 'vortex'.  Quite some energy going to make sure new contributors have wayfinding to settle them in, and into more organization than a 'traditional' congress to help folks organize time.  Anna Headley is chairing the planning.  Note that the event might use quite a lot of Circle CI credits (warn Lyrasis?).  The process is good for developing a pattern from remote dev congresses.

  5. Conference Hours
    1. Proposed starting time (approx 3hrs each day) - 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET, 4 pm UK? Richard Green
      Confirm that we'll start at 8:00am PT, 11:00 ET each day - because of clock changes this will by 4:00pm in the UK for the workshops and plenary,, 3:00pm for the presentation days.

  6. Guest Speaker - Review topic suggestions document
    1. Update - Torsten Reimer (Head of Research Services, British Library) has agreed to speak. They will attend a committee meeting later this Fall.

  7. Poster Sessions Discussion document
    1. Proposed Model
    2. Logistics/resourcing
    3. Draft CfP
      RG's summary of our approach (see document link) was discussed.  JF will check this over and make sure it all makes sense - ALL to discuss a final version next call.  Good idea to use Sched to sign up for poster discussions and to pass information to individual poster groups.
      Put out a CfP with full description of the process early September.

  8. Social Event Discussion - idea scratchpad Jeremy Friesen
    1. Create CfP for social events
      Need to have sign-up process available beginning of October (also use Sched?)  Need to be seriously planning by mid-August.

  9. Mentoring Program
    1. Create CfP for mentoring program
      See #8 above.  Sign up forms for mentors and mentees done.

  10. Resourcing/Teams review description document
    RG to draft an email to go to the lists asking for help to form and run groups for tech support, social events, mentor program.  Social events need to be arranged to accommodate the time zone span.
    DS and EJ (with Jon Cameron?) will form the presentation group.
    Each group should have a liason with the program committee.

  11.  Open discussion

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