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Introducing LYRASIS colleagues:

Meg McCroskey Blum, Director of Marketing and Communications

Jenn Bielewski, Manager of Community Programs

Information about new communications processes in development

Sharing the history and mission of this working group


Upcoming communications

  • Beta 3 will be released Thursday or early next week; Tim will write the release notice and it will be shared first on the DSpace lists, then as a blog post/social media post. Can add short preview videos as well if appropriate for this release
  • Release process update GitHub project boards:
  • When 6.4 is released the release announcement will be amplified in the same way
  • Other communications?
    • DSpace 7 endorsements
    • Getting the word out when the testathon begins 

The DSpace-community mailing list: Topic was raised in Leadership meeting that the list is the most comprehensive communication tool for reaching all English-speaking DSpace users regardless of membership. 

Are there things we should be communicating differently or more regularly on this list?

Heather, all

Planning for DSpace 7 final release:

  • UI design considerations
  • Communicating anything that in in 6.x that will not be in 7.0 (yet)
  • One pre-recorded video at launch, with captions to allow for easier translation, 15 min or less. Focus on features, with the audience being repository managers. Could be promoted out in multiple languages simultaneously when 7.0 is released 
Heather, Mic

Wiki translation project update


Other business, news to share All