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  • Samvera Tech Call 2020-06-17

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  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present (moderator)

    1. folks outside North and South America

    2. Eastern timezone

    3. Central timezone

    4. Mountain timezone

    5. Pacific timezone

    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call

    7. Remind everyone to sign in on agenda.
    8. Welcome all newcomers!
  2. Agenda (moderator)
    1. Call for new agenda items (moderator)
    2. Adding a "bundler list" output to the CircleCI build (Jeremy Friesen )
      1. Given that CircleCI rebundles gems and that list can be somewhat opaque, it would be helpful to have an artifact that lists the bundled versions of gems used.
      2. I wrote up a script that can get the release date of bundled gems (
      3. Discussion: Would it increase the length of CI runs? Not by much, ~1 sec added time.
      4. Colin: If this means adding stuff to the samvera orb, happy to help that happen
      5. ACTION : Jeremy will submit an issue to the samvera orb repository and ping Collin Brittle (the PO) to make sure its known.
    3. Promoting Bixby to a core component (Bess Sadler )
      1. Bixby is essential for core component maintenance work 
      2. DCE, UC Santa Barbara, and UCLA are using Bixby
      3. E-Mail sent:!topic/samvera-tech/2mqvBDVrV4M
      4. James R. Griffin III will look to evaluate the requirements for promotion, and will need to update the
      5. Bixby is a development tool, much like engine_cart
      6. Should we look to still consider this as a core component? If so, maybe we should also evaluate engine_cart?
      7. We should also consider the CircleCI Orb for promotion
        1. Collin Brittle has been making progress on the requirements
      8. engine_cart needs to first be in samvera-labs
        1. This is currently under `cbeer`, not `samvera-labs`
        2. What is the criteria for stopping us from proceeding "down the stack" to further Gem dependencies if we go outside of samvera?
        3. We've been applying "samvera" promotion to production running services, by bringing Bixby into Samvera we open a change in past understandings (implicit or explicit)
        4. When we feel organizational pain around its lack of maintenance, then we should review it's core component status. (eg., during the last maintenance sprint, we encountered collective pain of Bixby's upgrades)
      9. ACTION: bixby is going to become a core component and that process has already been started
    4. Virtual Dev Congress (proposed dates are Monday 16th November to Wednesday 18th November)
      1. Can we make sure that someone is running the dev congress? Let's appoint that person closer to samvera connect.
      2. How many people should be on a planning group?  4-5?
      3. ACTION: Anna will put out a call to the mailing list to request participation.
    5. Samvera help follow-up
    6. Pull request review
  3. Moderator & notetaker for next time
    1. Moderator: Jeremy Friesen
    2. Notetaker: James R. Griffin III
  4. After call, this week's notetaker should create the agenda for the next call:
    1. Open template agenda titled "Samvera Tech Call 2020-xx-xx"

    2. Click on ... in the top right corner, and select copy.
    3. Popup will open for location. It should contain: 
      1. Space: Samvera
      2. Parent page: 2020
    4. Select copy. New page should be created.
    5. Modify the title to remove "copy of", update it with the next date, add moderator, notetaker, and any carry-over agenda info. Click Publish.
  5. PR Review
    1. Review issues:
    2. PR review coordinator for next time: 


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