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  1. (REST Contract) (beta 3) related to the scripts & processes PR above (related to PR 2648 below)  ( Tim Donohue - (warning) minor feedback) (Once contact is updated Tim Donohue will rereview and merge)
  2. (NEW) (REST Contract) (beta 3) Refactoring Authority support  / value-pairs / controlled vocabularies: (Tim Donohue will rereview, Ben Bosman )
  3. (REST Contract) Minor Logout changes to support Logout Page (Andrea Bollini (4Science)(tick) just a typo to fix) READY TO MERGE AFTER MEETING
  4. (NEW) (REST) (beta3) Pre authorize annotations for subresources ( Craig Rosenbeck , Andrea Bollini (4Science) )
  5. (REST) (beta3) New user registration & forgot password (Tim Donohue - REREVIEWAndrea Bollini (4Science) REREVIEW)
  6. (REST) (beta3) Scripts & processes: importing and exporting csv's ( Tim Donohue REREVIEW after contract and merge)
  7. (REST) (beta3) DS-4042: Fix implementation and add IT for wrong PATCH request in submission: (Tim Donohue (tick),  Ben Bosman REREVIEW)
  8. (REST) (beta 3) CC License support: (Tim Donohue - REREVIEW PER KEVIN'S QUESTION)
  9. (REST) (beta 3) Performance issues with finding Collections a user can submit to (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire - (warning) minor feedback  Tim Donohue - (warning) minor feedback - look at 4122 and make sure it has Kevin's details)
  10. (REST) (beta 3) DS-4486 Add support/tests for Collection/Community role-based groups for Community/Collection Admins (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire) REREVIEWTim Donohue )
  11. (Angular) (beta3) Scripts & Processes Admin UI (Tim DonohueGiuseppe Digilio (4Science)Craig Rosenbeck)
    1. Depends on REST PR #2648 (see above) 
  12. (Angular) Add multi-field sorting 
    title1 approval
      (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)(warning) feedback added, Tim Donohue - (warning) questions on how to review/test. No specs in PR)
  13. (Angular) New User Registration (Art Lowel (Atmire) (tick) with a few UX suggestions that can move to a ticket, Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)(warning) better to test once REST PR is merged)
    1. Depends on REST PR #2763 (see above)
  14. (Angular) (beta3) Refactor registry service (Tim Donohue will give quick second review, Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) REREVIEW)
  15. (NEW) (Angular) (beta4) Fix context sensitive menus (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) , Tim Donohue will give second review)
  16. (NEW) (Angular) (beta3) Fix issues with edit collection and community pages (
    title1 approval
     after build fix, Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) )
  17. (UPCOMINGNEW) (Angular) (beta3) CC License support ETA Friday 2020-06-12 support (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) , Tim Donohue )
    1. depends on REST PR #2764
  18. (Backend) (low priority) DS-626 : Exchange usage data with IRUS ((tick)Craig RosenbeckTim Donohue - REREVIEW, others can take a look)
  19. (Backend) (low priority) (tentative 7.2) DS-4440 GDPR - Anonymize Statistics Feature: (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Ben BosmanTim Donohue)  --nice to clear this one
  20. (Backend) (low priority)  [DS-4149] porting XOAI additional indexer (Paulo Graça (warning) feedback added, Andrea Bollini (4Science) )
  21. (Backend) [DS-3940] SHERPA v2 API (master port): (Andrea Bollini (4Science)(warning) feedback added, Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire) (warning) feedback added)
  22. (NEW) (Angular) BUG FIX
    title1 approval
     (Art Lowel (Atmire)(tick)Tim Donohue to MERGE after meeting