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Agenda Items

  1. Welcome

  2. Additions/changes to agenda

  3. Virtual Connect Survey Review
    1. Zoom Survey Data here
      1. IIIF is working on a workshop week (June 1st through June 13th)
      2. DEC is working on online workshops
      3. Notch8 is exploring what they are doing with their August workshop (which was scheduled to be face to face)
      4. Suggestion that we might seek a keynote speaker from an institution that would probably never be able to host a conference - Princeton?  Hull?
        Posters:  JF will flesh out some ideas for a (partially?) asynchronous approach involving Google docs
        Lightning talks are likely to be even higher value in the virtual environment.  Need discussion breaks for people to be able to build on the ideas poresented.  Maybe need a group of volunteers ("connectors") to encourage lightning talk proposals.  NJ will put together a proposal.
        Unconference sessions offer the physical conference a wrap-up which facilitates the move to further, asynchronous work.  Need to find a way for people easily to have follow-up conversations.  Discuss this next call.
        Need also to accommodate WG/IG discussions - perhaps Slack Channels offer a way to do these small group discussions.
    2. Qualtrics survey data- coming soon
    3. Plan on 4-6 x 3-hour days (a 15-18 hour time budget).  People can decide how much of this they will engage with if it is structured well.

  4. Virtual Connect Overview - 
    Organizing VC was a fairly relaxed process.  The CfP was put together by adapting texts from previous years and ran for about three weeks. Regular reminders were sent out.  There was concern about lack of response but a lot of proposals came in at the last minute.  (Rather by coincidence) they just happened to fit the 6 hours planned.  Program Committee checked that they were all appropriate.
    WGs were organized separately. KK reached out to all the listed, active groups to check they were indeeed active, if they wanted to do an update, and for how long.
    Presentations were organized somewhat thematically and by groups.
    IU provided Zoom facilities and set them up as a webinar which allows for practice sessions etc.  RG will ask Jon Dunn if IU would be willing to provide facilities for the fall Connect and if we might ask for Jon Cameron's technical assistance.
    Long Zoom sessions are exhausting for those supervising and time-keeping etc.
    There were lots of experienced professionals involved in VC so it 'sort of ran itself'.
    During the planning, there was essentially 1 hour per week for the core committee and use of a wider group for review etc.  One or two short, ad hoc meetings.

  5. Update Connect 2020 pages 
    RG will create a web front-end linking through to the wiki - similar to the approach taken last year.

  6. Schedule next meeting
    1. Thursday 4th June - same time slot.  RG to send out recurring iCAL for meetings to end September.

  7. Open discussion

Action items