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PRs Needing Review

  1. (REST Contract) (beta 4) (hoping to start development next week - PLEASE REVIEW THIS WEEK) Stats reports (Tim Donohue , Andrea Bollini (4Science) )
  2. (blue star) (HIGH PRIORITY) (REST) (beta 3) Subresources should obey access restrictions (blocks other work) (Tim Donohue - REREVIEW TEST & APPROVEAndrea Bollini (4Science)- REREVIEW REVIEW BY FRICraig Rosenbeck - REREVIEW (tick))
  3. (NEW) (REST) (beta3) New user registration & forgot password (NEEDS REVIEWERS(Tim DonohueAndrea Bollini (4Science))
  4. (REST) (beta3) Scripts & processes: importing and exporting csv's (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - REREVIEWTim Donohue - (warning) prior feedback has not yet been addressed )
  5. (REST) Configurable whitelist for "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header: 
    title1 approval
     ((tick) Ben Bosman , Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) - REVIEW)
  6. (NEW) (REST) (beta3) DS-4042: Fix implementation and add IT for wrong PATCH request in submission: (Tim Donohue - (warning) minor feedback added REREVIEWBen Bosman)
  7. (blue star) (NEW) (HIGH PRIORITY) (REST) (beta3) DS-4499: Fix cleanup of test environment in earlier ITs (and performance increase in ITs): ((tick)Tim Donohue , Ben Bosman - (warning) feedback added)
  8. (NEW) (REST) (beta 3) CC License support: (NEEDS REVIEWERSTim DonohueCraig Rosenbeck)
  9. (NEW) (REST) (beta 4) Configuration property retrieval Rest endpoint/Google Analytics support: (NEEDS REVIEWERS
    title1 approval
  10. (Angular) (beta 3) Edit resource policies (WAITING ON UPDATE FROM Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) )(Tim DonohueArt Lowel (Atmire) -  (warning) Feedback added,  Julian Timal (eScire) )
  11. (Angular) Login as EPerson ((tick) Tim Donohue , Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) (warning) feedback added,Julian Timal (eScire))
  12. (Angular) (beta3) Scripts & Processes Admin UI (Tim DonohueGiuseppe Digilio (4Science)Craig Rosenbeck)
    1. Depends on REST PR #2648 (see above) 
  13. (NEW) (Angular) Fix delay in breadcrumb rendering 
    title1 approval
     (NEEDS REVIEWERS(Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)Tim Donohue)
  14. (NEW) (Angular) Fix issue with environment UI variables being ignored (NEEDS REVIEWERSPaulo GraçaTim Donohue)
  15. (Backend) (low priority) DS-626 : Exchange usage data with IRUS ((tick)Craig RosenbeckTim Donohue -  (warning)Added feedbackREREVIEW)
  16. (Backend) (low priority) (tentative 7.2) DS-4440 GDPR - Anonymize Statistics Feature: (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Ben BosmanTim Donohue)
  17. (Backend) [DS-4149] porting XOAI additional indexer (Paulo Graça, Andrea Bollini (4Science) )