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  1. (REST Contract) (beta 4) Stats reports (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  2. (REST) (low priority) (beta4) Scripts & processes: importing and exporting csv's (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - REREVIEWTim Donohue - REREVIEW  )
  3. (REST) Configurable whitelist for "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header: (Ben Bosman - REREVIEW , Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) - REVIEW)
  4. (NEW) (REST) (beta3) DS-4042: Fix implementation and add IT for wrong PATCH request in submission: (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  5. (NEW) (REST) (beta3) DS-4499: Fix cleanup of test environment in earlier ITs (and performance increase in ITs): (Tim Donohue  - minor feedback added, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  6. (Angular) (beta 3) Edit resource policies (Tim DonohueArt Lowel (Atmire) -  (warning) Feedback added,  Julian Timal (eScire) )
  7. (Angular) (beta 3) Administer Workflow ((tick) Tim Donohue , (tick)Julian Timal (eScire) )
  8. (Angular) Alternative links (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) (warning) feedback added, Tim Donohue - (warning) feedback added)
  9. (Angular) Login as EPerson (Tim Donohue -(warning)feedback added / bugs reported, Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) - REVIEW BY MAY 14  (warning) feedback added,Julian Timal (eScire))
  10. (Backend) (low priority) DS-626 : Exchange usage data with IRUS ((tick)Craig RosenbeckTim Donohue - (warning)Added feedback)
  11. (Backend) (low priority) (tentative 7.2) DS-4440 GDPR - Anonymize Statistics Feature: (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Ben BosmanTim Donohue)
  12. (Backend) [DS-4149] porting XOAI additional indexer (Paulo Graça, Andrea Bollini (4Science) )