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  • May 8, 2020

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Discussion items

  • Additions to today's agenda
    • UCSB led effort to remove AF from Hyrax and instead use Wings, if anyone can speak to this?
  • Next call - June 12, 2020
  • Timetable for 2020 Steering Group elections
    • Details coming in an email next week.
    • May solicit nominations for 3 steering seats
      • Jon Dunn, Robin Ruggaber, Chris Awre are stepping down
      • anyone can nominate, get people's permission before you nominate them, or nominate yourself
      • Bios and Statements from nominees in early June
      • Mid-June announce candidates and voting
      • 3 weeks to vote
      • July 6th results
    • Would be healthy for the community if new people stepped up for these positions.
  • Virtual Connect:  14-15 May
    • Registration info was promoted this week across various channels
    • Practice session on the 13th for presenters.
    • Sessions will be recorded for those who can't attend synchronously.
    • End of Day 2 will be a discussion of how we might run annual Connect in the fall.
  • Governance review - follow up plans
    • Thanks to everyone who joined the virtual partner meeting.
  • DPLA Partnership