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Welcome and Housekeeping from the Virtual Connect Committee!


Franny Gaedy Gaede (University of Oregon), David Schober (Northwestern)
1110-1130Avalon Update 

The Avalon Media System update is intended to give a summary of the development progress and goals of the Avalon team since the last Samvera Connect. New work discussed will include transcript support, work on the Avalon IIIF media player and continued development on porting Avalon to Hyrax.

EveryoneJon Cameron (Indiana University)
1130-1140Hyku 2020: What's In Store for Samvera's Multi-Tenant Solution

Hyku, the multi-tenant Samvera solution built on Hyrax, is moving full-steam through 2020 with project initiatives that will bring valuable features to this platform. We'll look at a snapshot of current notable Hyku projects, as well at the roadmap ahead. We'll also highlight new turnkey service solutions and Hyku's presence in the community and online.


Kevin Kochanski (Notch 8)

Hyrax Update

A community update on the recent Hyrax development.EveryoneTom Johnson (UCSD)
1150-1210Valkyrizing the Duke Digital Repository

A team at Duke University Libraries refactored the Duke Digital Repository software stack, replacing Fedora 3 with the Valkyrie gem. The project kicked off in November of 2018, and concluded with the rollout of DDR 2.0.0 in January of 2020. Presenters will share the team’s experience and provide an overview of the DDR’s updated architecture.

Samvera developers and managers of Samvera teamsWill Sexton, et al (Duke University)
1220-1230Working GroupsWorking and Interest Group UpdatesEveryone

1230-1240Working GroupsWorking and Interest Group UpdatesEveryone

1240-1250Working GroupsWorking and Interest Group UpdatesEveryone

1250-1300React NPM module / dev environment starter package

Forking this Github starter project spins up a webpack React dev environment, along with some tools and commands to bundle your React component to share via NPM. An alternative to Create React App, the project configuration was developed with the aim of exporting and sharing with other React apps in the wild.

Developers, Front-End developers, project managersAdam Arling (Northwestern University)
1300-1310React IIIF Player

IIIF player, is a ReactJS component which renders a MediaElementJS player and a structure navigation component from a IIIF 3.0 spec manifest. This is delivered as an exportable yarn/npm package.

Developers, Front-End developers, project managersDananji Withana (Indiana Univeristy)
1310-1320Bulkrax - All Your Import Export Needs
Bulkrax - All Your Import Export Needs

Notch8 has been working on and championing our framework for creating importers and exporters for the last 2 years. There are live versions being used to bring in OAI collections, CSV files and Bagit bags. More than 200k records have been imported across multiple Samvera repositories. I'd like to take a little time to dive deep in to the newest features of Bulkrax, which include better export support, round trip support and a streamlined file format creation process. After this presentation you'll have a clear path to adding Bulkrax to an application, creating your own import / export format, and a general feel for where Bulkrax is going.Developers / Metadata FolkRob Kaufman (Notch8)
1330-1340Hyrax and Archivematica: central to implementing digital preservation workflowsThe University of Hull has been partnering with CoSector to develop and implement a digital preservation infrastructure for the management of a digital archive for the UK City of Culture 2017. The infrastructure is based on a combination of systems that do they do best, with Hyrax and Archivematica central to the overall workflow. Following development in 2019, this talk provides an update on implementation of the infrastructure and reports on the lessons learned from turning an idea into practical reality.Librarians working with digital preservation, digital archivists, digital collection managersChris Awre, Laura Giles, Rory McNicholl (University of Hull and CoSector)
1340-1400Flexible Metadata for Hyrax"Imagine being able to specify complex metadata requirements for a Hyrax repository in a structured YAML file, or through an editable interface in the admin dashboard. Imagine having those requirements automatically configure metadata properties, indexing rules, forms, search and presentation within the repository.
This presentation describes a project at Indiana University to do just that. Working with
Notch8, Indiana are implementing the Houndstooth meta-model created by the M3 working group. Initial proof of concept work will be demonstrated, alongside an update on current work to move from POC to a fully tested and production-ready rails engine for Flexible Metadata. The engine will be used in Indiana’s Digital Collections application to put the management of metadata profiles into the hand of metadata librarians, and reduce the development burden of configuring metadata for different work types and different audiences."
Developers; Metadata LibrariansJim Halliday, Julie Allinson and Shana Moore (Notch8 and Indiana Univeristy)