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  1. Raman Ganguly
  2. Aaron Birkland
  3. Rosalyn Metz
  4. Mark Jordan
  5. Melissa Anez
  6. Jared Whiklo
  7. Andrew Woods
  8. Dan Coughlin
  9. Jennifer Gilbert
  10. weixuan
  11. Ben Pennel
  12. Tim Shearer
  13. Bethany Seeger
  14. Scott Prater
  15. Tammy Wolf
  16. Peter Winckles
  17. Chris Awre


  1. State of Fedora 6 development
    1. Monthly sprints
    2. Progress towards F6 
    3. Community testing
  2. Open development questions
    1. Fedora 6 and vanilla OCFL
      1. Do we value Fedora being able to run on top of vanilla OCFL? - in a read-only fashion? in a read/write fashion?
      2. Do we value a post-Fedora OCFL that is not peppered with Fedora-specific content?
      3. Example of Fedora-specific content

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          # binaries have additional extras:

  3. Leadership updates
    1. Product Technology Subgroup


State of Fedora 6 Development

  • This meeting is an opportunity to align our thinking along the lines of fcrepo6, make sure we're on the same page, open the door to pivoting if needed
  • Priority is getting Fedora 6 out the door
    • Monthly sprints with focal points highly informed by state of application and item 1b:

Action Items 

  •  David Wilcox add Fedora 6 delivery timeline topic to Feb. 4 Steering meeting
  •  Andrew Woods Danny Bernstein make a list of Fedora 6 development priorities with estimates on resource requirements (ideally before Feb. 4 Steering meeting)