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  • Updates - status and activity
    1. LYRASIS
      1. DuraCloud 6.2.0 release
    2. TDL
    3. CANARIE grant
  • Development planning
  • Relevant conferences/events (updates or planning)
  • Development activity, PRs and reviews
    • Automated checkstyle PRs




  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


    • Still need to update the production Mill for the release
    • Need to let people know about the SyncTool Mac installer
  • TDL
  • U Toronto
    • End of the grant is tomorrow, doing a demo for CANARIE
    • Official production won't be until OLRC Swift cluster has been upgraded (only works on Train because of the S3 API emulation)
      • Dev is production grade, but won't be officially production until Sept, when Swift is updated
    • All dev is done, no more work needed. Andy transitioning to OLRC Swift update
    • Some conversations being had about how to move DuraCloud forward
      • Will be load testing with Swift
      • Looking at containerization of the Mill
      • Willing to provide access to Chef setup, maybe attach to documentation
  • Next steps
    • Looking to schedule a sprint, considering Summer
    • Would be looking to move up in Java version
    • Danny not available first week of the month, but otherwise flexible
    • Nick likely to be available in the Summer. Currently putting time toward DSpace 6.4 and 7.0
      • Currently have some space in the second half of June - Aug
    • Planning a 2-week sprint for weeks of July 13 and July 20
      • Over the next couple months, move tasks into this sprint