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Beta 2 update: expected in early April

Discussion of upcoming messaging to the community: what messaging do we need, and when?

Messaging discussed in the last Leadership meeting:

  • Message about how to help DSpace 7, for folks who may be at home and have time to assist with testing, PRs, etc.
  • Fundraising update (now at $102K) and thank yous to existing contributors – is it time for a call to the wider community for new memberships to support DSpace 7?
  • We may need a pause between Beta 2 and Beta 3 for PR catch-up and planning; how do we communicate this in a positive way (planning sprint?)
Kristi, all
Update from Mic: communication with the DSpace user groups, overall outreach strategy for building the DSpace Community - "Repositories in a time of crisis" webinar seriesMic

Other business, news to share All

FYI: Upcoming virtual conference, Heather will be presenting a DSpace 7 overview on April 24th (session not yet on the website):