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  • Samvera Tech Call 2020-03-25

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  • Hyrax PR 4278 (Fixing logic around deleting nested membership)
    • Reported bug which was addressed by a developer without a CLA
    • User is going to add a Collection to an existing Work, then removing the Collection in the form
      • There is a nested attribute for the Work which indicates that the Work is destroyed, but it was never added to the Collection
    • A backport for this shall be needed
  • Hyrax PR 4275 (Adding Caching to IIIF Manifest Generation)
    • Feature for improving the retrieval of IIIF Manifests
    • This required quite some amount of effort
    • Even with this caching, the first user to the page doesn't have the Manifest cached
      • Trey Pendragon (Princeton) commented on Slack that this feature is generally very challenging
    • Cache clearing is extremely difficult as a strategy
  • SolrWrapper PR 134
    • Triggered by bandwidth difficulties
    • Adds a "debug" option for tracing the process of downloading and running Solr in this Gem
    • This project also feels somewhat abandoned
      • Should we write something under the Apache 2 license which goes under Samvera?
      • Should we just use something based off of Docker Compose instead?
    • What obstacles have there been for placing these under the Samvera Organization?
      • cbeer has licensed GitHub projects under MIT licenses (which are incompatible with Apache 2)
      • We could ask cbeer to hand this offer and agree with the license being changed
        • We would also be required to request this from all contributors on the project
    • Should we be investigating engine_cart as well?
  • Next Call
    • Moderator: Jeremy
    • Notetaker: James
  • Hyrax PR Session
    • This is delayed given that Chris Colvard is no longer available to host these at this time weekly
  • Call ended at 09:17 PDT/12:17 EDT