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  • Kudos to Jared for containment index PR, it has moved us forward in a big way.
    • Looks like lots of functionality is now starting to work because of this.
    • Let's consider broadening the scope of the April sprint as a result.  Even the UI work
    • Required a bit of learning about JDBC templates.   Are we OK using a RDBMS, using the proposed structure?
      • There are tables that are tracking adds and deletes, there's no SQL transaction going on.  Those tables that are monitoring the changes are merged into the containment at the end, after having been recorded in the JDBC transaction. 
        • This is done in order to handle multi-request and long-lasting transactions.  Is it appropriate to keep a JDBC transaction open over all this time
      • Index the whole ID as a primary key?  There are pros and cons,  Maybe we should use a hash of the ID?  Assume field length is 255 characters.  Lookup table from ID to int?
      • Came across issues related to differences between SQL implementations. 
    • Even if we make changes to approach, this PR is valuable.  API is fine, triple service is fine, etc.   At least two other people should take a look, but this will move us forward even if we make changes later.  
  • Open question:  should you be able to read the index without some sort of transaction ID?
  • Transactions need testing.  Not sure if long-running transactions actually work
  • Action:  Danny Bernstein create JIRA for remaining transaction work.  Most of the infra is in place, it's just a matter of coordinating it in the http layer. 
  • Some wires need to be connected re: ACLs.
  • Andrew can't deploy fcrepo into Tomcat without removing Shiro on linux, ubuntu.  
    • Seems to work for everybody else.
    • Maybe we could try in Vagrant?
    • Have someone else try who uses Ubuntu?
  • We should have a fairly tight focus for the sprint "we need this for success".  There are a lot of loose ends, it would be a shame for folks to concentrate on loose ends and fail to meet the goals for the sprint.
    • Don't put anything on the sprint board that isn't in this tight group.

Fedora and Docker

  • Mystery solved!  Michael B. Klein reserved the fcrepo org in Dockerhub, and give ownership to the committers.
  • Thomas Bernhart is working on Docker build, will make a PR soon
  • Folks want a lightweight way to spool up Fedora in Tomcat, so let's make a real PR.  
    • It's so lightweight, why not just keep it if it makes life easier for somebody 
    • Keep repository root pollution to a minimum, move tomcat-users.xml into a sub directory
    • Should add a README
    • Action: Aaron Birkland Add README, re-locate tomcat-users, drop draft status from PR.


  •  Who:  Clarify in in documentation that multiple simultaneous writes to OCFL are not supported
  •  Who:  After team has a chance to comment, send Ghost Node idea to general community for feedback
  •   Danny Bernstein to call Docker about fcrepo account
  •  Danny Bernstein to email Community list about fcrepo DockerHub account