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  1. (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: ( (tick) Tim Donohue ,  Andrea Bollini (4Science) - REREVIEW BY FEB 13)
  2. (REST) DS-4389 improving patch system framework Part 1 (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - REVIEW (if possible) BY FEB 13, (tick) Tim Donohue, Michael Spalti - REREVIEW)
    1. Michael's version
  3.  (blue star) (REST) Projections continued: ( (tick) Ben Bosman - REVIEW, (tick) Tim Donohue )
  4. (NEW) (REST) Select specific embeds (depends on PR#2625):
  5. (REST) Workflow step definitions  (Ben Bosman - REREVIEW, Tim Donohue - minor updates/fixes requested, Andrea Bollini (4Science) - REREVIEW)
  6. (REST) Scripts & processes: importing and exporting csv's (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Tim Donohue - (warning) concerns about using Bitstreams for temporary files )
  7. (REST) Shibboleth authentication (Paulo Graça, Ben Bosman )
  8. (REST) Collection item template updates 
    title1 approval
     ((tick)Tim Donohue)
  9. (NEW) (REST) Edit Item - Manage Bitstreams
  10.  (blue star) (Angular) Projections continued (merge with REST PR #2625): 
    title1 approval
     (Art Lowel (Atmire)Tim Donohue)
  11. (Angular) Shibboleth authentication (merge with REST PR #2651) (Paulo GraçaBen Bosman)
  12. (NEW) (Angular) (beta 2) Edit Item Bitstreams Tab (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  13. (NEW) (Angular) (beta 1) Only resolve links when needed (DRAFT)
  14. (NEW) (Angular) (beta 1) Angular 8 Upgrade (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  15.  (blue star) (Backend) Java 11 upgrade and Replace JMockit with Mockito (MERGE on/around Feb 13): ((tick)Chris Wilper, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
    1. Corresponding Angular PR (must be merged after PR#2654 and below PR#2657):
  16. (Backend) URL configuration refactor (new "dspace.server.url" and "dspace.ui.url") (MERGE on/around Feb 13 (Paulo Graça - (tick)Mark H. Wood - (tick) )
  17. (NEW) (Backend) Fix errorprone test warnings after Java 11 upgrade (depends on PR#2654): (NEEDS REVIEWERS)