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The final list of tasks to complete are listed in our DSpace 7 GitHub Project Boards.  This spreadsheet also lists which features are scheduled for each Beta release.

How you can help

  • Development: If you are a developer & wish to get involved with the 7.x development process, get in touch with Tim Donohue or join one of our weekly DSpace 7 Working Group meetings.
    • We especially have a need for developers willing to help with testing Pull Requests and Code Reviews (Java or Angular).  This is a good way to "get your feet wet" and better understand the platform before doing development.
  • Translations: If you are interested in helping create translations of the new UI, see DSpace 7 Translation - Internationalization (i18n) - Localization (l10n)
  • Documentation: If you are interested in helping us improve our documentation (especially user-facing documentation) for 7.x, we could use some volunteers to help "comb" through the old docs and update/improve examples based on the new User Interface.  See DSpace 7 Documentation for more info, or contact Tim Donohue.
  • Try out DSpace 7 early! As we move forward in the 7.0 Staged Beta Release process, we really need community testers!  If you ever want to try out the latest & greatest code, we have a guide to do so at Try out DSpace 7.  If you notice any issues or bugs, please feel free to report them to us!  See the section on Reporting Issues on that same wiki page.