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Comment: Add myself to volunteers


Though there are many open PRs and issues against 6.x or flagged for 6.4, it is likely that only a critical subsection of these PRs will be included in 6.4 by <deadline> to ensure timely release. Many Dspace DSpace developers and committers are busy with the DSpace 7.0 release and can't divert too much energy to 6.4, so the release process will have to be fairly lean.


Kim Shepherd

Hrafn Malmquist  - ( especially interested in REST API fixe fixes (DS-4065, see PR 2275) and various Discovery fixes, for instance DS-3637)

Nicholas Woodward

Luigi Andrea Pascarelli (4Science) - (high interest in having DS-4149 OpenAIRE literature v4 and DS-2715 ORCID support for JSPUI included in the release

Alan Orth - especially interested in REST API fixes (DS-4065), Discovery search fixes (DS-4271), and JDBC2 updates (DS-4574)

Tentative cut-off for PR merging: