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  1. Sprint starting next week. 7 participants.
  2. Fedora 6 documentation is up and ready to be reviewed/edited to remove Modeshape references or add OCFL stuff.
  3. Technology Sub-group of Fedora Leaders working on a Fedora 6 Test plan. This is a general plan of things which we want to test. Some of this will be dealt with internally (to development) and others might require requesting support from the community. If you have any thoughts of what we should be testing before we present it to the community. This is currently a brainstorming task, so add any thoughts we can review/revise later.
  4. Sprint planning, this is only a 1 week sprint
    1. 3 PRs to be reviewed, Danny to look at 1606 & 1608. Ben Pennell to look at one or more of these as well.
    2. Any concerns with any of the tickets that might require more thought/discussion.
    3. Priorities are:
      1. Read/Write binaries
      2. Implement containment index (including some simple Archival Group)
      3. Bring migration-utils up to speed.
    4. Lots of tickets around CRUD-related processes that are small and well scoped.
    5. State tokens - Do we order the RDF to allow for a checksum/fixity check? State token only needs to reflect the fact that a resource has/has not changed. i.e. last modified date. Fixity would be a much higher bar, but a great add.
    6. Tombstones - not currently being handled, this is likely to be larger task and will tie in with the other delete tickets
    7. Containment index - Peter will pick up where he left off.
    8. This meeting was the sprint planning meeting, so we will not try to do a kickoff next week.
    9. Focusing on the binary and containment sections would be the critical objectives for this sprint.
      1. Goal, create and retrieve binaries
      2. Goal, demonstrate containment - should be able to nest a resource inside another resource, whether it be a container in another, or binary in another. Not necessarily AGs.
    10. Danny may go through and tag priority
    11. Migration util goals for the sprint?
      1. Ben Cail - what its already doing is good with him. Might be helpful if he could run against a large set to test scale during the sprint
      2. Thomas - Will take time to run the tests on a large F3 repo. Keeping it aligned with f6 expectations.
  5. What is the current understanding around what Fedora is expecting for identifiers.
    1. Perhaps part of this sprint is moving the above linked Google docs decisions to a wiki page for more formality. Disambiguation is another part that has to be done (FCREPO-3139)
  6. BagIt Profiles
    1. Mike Ritter - Starting work on stuff from the "Beyond the Repository" grant
      1. New bag profile with the import/export tool
      2. Rosie from Emory is interested in using this profile, glad to know that someone else is looking to implement it.
      3. Does not add much beyond the base profile, in part because some components were added to the canonical profile.
      4. Time frame - already pretty far along


  •  Clarify in in documentation that multiple simultaneous writes to OCFL are not supported