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  1. (REST) Entities Configure search configurations matching name ((tick) Paulo Graça, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  2. (NEW) (REST) Metadata PATCH when mixing plain text and relationship (NEEDS REVIEWERSPaulo Graça - (warning))
  3. (Angular) Combining relationships and metadata during submission (NEEDS REVIEWERSPaulo Graça , NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER(12 hours)
  4. (NEW)(Angular) Create relationships as an admin in edit item [WIP]  (NEEDS REVIEWERS ONCE DEPENDENCIES ARE MERGED) (16 hours left - week of Jan 6)
    1. Dependent on #530 (merged)
  5. (COMING SOON) (OpenAIRE4) OpenAIRE API import of entities/metadata (In progress development by Dimitris Pierrakos)