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Comment: new OpenAIRE4 pull requests


  1. (tick) Metadata schemas for Entity types (DS-4223). 
    1. REST: , Angular:
    2. Early Docs / Notes:
  2. (warning) (Minor refactor) Decide which metadata field should be used to store Entity Type (DS-4184).  Currently, it is stored in "relationship.type". (DEEMED LOWER PRIORITY, but "nice to have" for 7.0 if possible?)
  3. (tick) Creating Relations (between Entities) with CSV Batch Import 
    1. REST: and and
    2. Early Docs / Notes:
  4. (tick) Permissions on Relations (between Entities)
    1. Discussed on Aug 6 
    2. Early Docs / Notes:
  5. (tick) Deleting Entities that have existing relations
    1. (tick) Deletion action itself:
      1. REST Contract: , REST: , Angular:
      2. Early Docs / Notes:
    2. Copy virtual metadata from deleted entity to related entity
      1. (tick) REST Contract:
      2. (tick) REST impl:
      3. (tick)Angular Impl : and
  6. (tick) Dynamic display of Relations
    1. Early Docs / Notes:
    2. (tick) Completed:
  7. (tick) Submission Integration Tasks
    1. (tick) Creating new Entities using Submission Forms
      1. REST:
      2. Early Docs / Notes:
    2. (tick) Creating relations between two Entities during Submission process
      1. (tick) REST Contract: ,
      2. (tick) REST Impl:
      3. (tick) Angular Impl: and
      4. Early Docs / Notes:
    3. (tick) Search External Sources (includes ORCID integration with Entities)
      1. (tick) REST Contract: 
      2. (tick) REST Impl:
      3. (tick) Angular Impl:
    4. (tick)Convert External Sources to an Entity
      1. If an Admin:
        1. (tick) REST Contract:
        2. (tick) REST Impl:
        3. (tick) Angular Impl:
      2. If a Submitter (Feature is NOT specific to Entities, as this is simply porting the "Live Import" framework of DSpace 6.x)
        1. (tick) REST Contract:
        2. (tick) REST Impl:
        3. (tick) Angular Impl:
  8. (tick) Name Variants
    1. (tick) Create name variants in submission
      1. (tick) REST Impl:
      2. (tick) Angular Impl - this is included as part of
    2. (tick) Display name variants on Item pages (Angular)
  9. OpenAIRE v4 support (using Entities)
    1. (tick) Configuration of Entities needed for OpenAIRE v4:
    2. (tick) Configuration of Metadata fields/schemas needed for OpenAIRE v4:
    3. (tick) Configuration of Submission Input Forms for OpenAIRE v4:
    4. (tick) Configuration of OAI-PMH for OpenAIRE v4:
    5. (warning) Import entities/metadata from OpenAIRE API (using Live Import feature): (coming soon)
  10. (tick) How to display related items on an Item page if that related item is still in workflow approval
    1. (tick) Simply display the related item as plain text metadata (until workflow approval completes).
  11. Edit Item page integration
    1. How to display relationships on "edit metadata" tab in UI.  How to add relationships on "relationships" tab in UI.
    2. Angular UI Mockups discussed/approved on Nov 5 and Nov 12.
    3. (tick) Angular relationships tab:
    4. (warning) Create relationships as an admin in edit item (under review)
  12. (question) (DELAYED for 7.1 or later) Relations in AIP Backup & Restore
    1. Discussed on Oct 15
    2. Proposal:
  13. (question) (DELAYED for 7.1 or later) Creating Relations in SAF Import (might be postponed for a future release)
    1. Requires AIP Backup & Restore
    2. Proposal:
  14. (question) (DELAYED for 7.1 or later) SWORD integration (might be postponed for a future release)
    1. Requires AIP Backup & Restore, as SWORD uses the same crosswalks / format as AIP.
    2. Proposal:
  15. (question) (DELAYED for 7.1 or later) Best Practices around Entities in Collections (NOT: this may just be early documentation).  We've suggested in the Preview Release to structure Collections based on Entity Type (Person Collection, Projects Collection, etc).  We should better document and formalize these best practices. 
    1. Should we eventually consider hiding these Collections which only serve to store Entity Types?