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  3. Tickets resolved this week:


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  1. announcements
    1. OCFL client
      1. no updates regarding S3 support
    2. doodle poll for next sprint is open
      1. looking for clarity on who is available early Q1
    3. steering meeting report: mostly prep for f2f leaders meeting
    4. David Wilcox did a well-attended Fedora 6 webinar last week
      1. there is a lot of interest in Fedora 6
      2. recording will be forthcoming
      3. posted video demo form last Fedora 6 sprint
      4. keeping the community informed and in the loop
      5. some community testers for migration utils have come forward
  2. state of the development
    1. check-in on status and who is available to push to demo capability
      1. Ben Pennell has been the primary person in the codebase recently
      2. file layout should be persisted (headers and content)
      3. working on full front-to-back persistance path
      4. at least binary headers are getting written
      5. updating binaries is not complete
        1. Mohamed's PR:
        2. the rebase of Mohamed's PR will likely take a lot of work
      6. descriptions may not be getting persisted yet
      7. demo will comprise creating and retrieving a container
        1. plus creating archival group and nested resources
      8. as other features are completed they can be rolled out in future demos
      9. release short videos demoing new features as they come online
      10. binaries are not part of the first demo
    2. identify unit tests that we want to re-enable and use those as a basis for demo
      1. LDP tests should still work because nothing of the API expectations have changed
      2. should get the containment index implemented soon
        1. maybe not for first demo
        2. will help for performance speed
      3. Jared will build Fedora 6 and run the Fedora 4 tests against it
      4. will do some hands-on work with tests in 1pm ET meeting slot today
  3. demos
    1. demo approach for migration utils worked well
    2. next Wednesday (Dec 11) for recording the next demo
    3. volunteers for scripting the demo?
    4. need to determine the functionality to demo
      1. basic steps: create container, AG link header, creating a nested resource in AG
      2. show what resources look like on disk
    5. Java 11 issue with Jetty; Andrew working on that today
    6. Danny B will look at what integration tests break
    7. volunteers to participate in demo?
      1. Bethany will commit to working on demo with Danny B
      2. Ben Pennell may be available as well
  4. spec api versioning
    1. want to get committer feedback before tech subgroup meeting in a couple of weeks
    2. assumes that committers are in charge of the spec
    3. should present policy to spec editors
      1. we should nominate a new group of spec editors
      2. future spec work could be done on an ad hoc basis
    4. support for multiple versions of API in a single Fedora release?
      1. will community version track the latest version of the API?
      2. may be better to do different versions of Fedora for different versions of the API
      3. get comments before tech subgroup
        1. if there are no concerns, leaders would vote on the policy
        2. if a desire for a new editor group, will determine process at that point
      4. given the lack of multiple implementations, some reluctance to a 1.0 release
        1. original spec editors view their work as done
  5. open questions:
    1. are pair-trees as a web resource still a thing in Fedora 6?
      1. probably not a need for it; it was a performance hack
      2. with Fedora 6 that need should go away
      3. Aaron raises question about Fedora 4 to 6 migration of pair-trees
        1. three options: collapse the pair-tree, retain pair-tree as containers, or retain Fedora 4 behavior
        2. is there deployed Samvera behavior that depends on pair-tree nodes?
      4. to be continued next week


  •  Clarify in in documentation that multiple simultaneous writes to OCFL are not supported