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  • Spring 2020 Samvera Partner Meeting

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27 April

12:00 EDTHousekeepingMaria Whitaker10 minutes(tick)

Relationship with Lyrasis

  • Status check on appointment of Community Manager and Technical Coordinator
Jon Dunn15 mins(tick)
12:25Finance and budget reportsRichard Green15 mins(tick)
12:40Steering Group elections 2020Richard Green5 mins(tick)
12:45Connect 2020 and 2021 - info and status checks

Chrissy Rissmeyer

Rick Johnson

5 mins

5 mins



12:55Virtual Connect 2020 - infoDavid Schober5 mins(tick)
13:00Encouraging contributions to, and participation in, Connect conferences
Richard Green15 mins(tick)
13:15Governance assessment exercise
Esmé Cowles40 minutes(tick)


28 April

12:00 EDTHousekeepingMaria Whitaker10 minutes(tick)
12:10Samvera's use of Circle CIEsmé Cowles10 minutes(tick)
12:20Brief reports from Roadmap Council, Component Maintenance WG, Hyku IG, Hyrax MWG and IG

Roadmap CouncilNabeela Jaffer7 minutes (tick)

Component Maintenance GroupRandal Floyd?7 minutes

Hyrax Maintenance Working GroupTom Johnson?7 minutes

Hyrax Interest Group (inc update on Hyrax PO)Rob Kaufman?7 minutes

Hyku Interest GroupRob Kaufman?7 minutes
12:55Report from Marketing Working Group including discussion on website updateChris Awre15 minutes(tick)
13:10Process for forming Working and Interest Groups - review and update the guidelines?Robin Ruggaber30 mins(tick)
13:40Parking lot
20 minutes
14:00Wrap-up - evaluation of on-live line versus f2f meeting


Are job adverts put out on our lists successful?  Where did successful applicants hear about their jobs (do we know)?All

Email survey?


Code of Conduct review - status checkJessica Hilt?move to monthly call?(error)

2020 Fundraising in the context of the new Contribution Model - status checkRosalyn MetzEmail(error)