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125 minDSpace 7.0 Beta Schedule

The Steering Committee voted to recommend the following a Beta Release schedule for DSpace 7.0 for approval by Leadership.The proposal consideration by Leadership, with request for guidance on the following issues:

  • Scope of DSpace 7.0. There are different views on whether DSpace 7.0 should be more of an MVP (minimum viable product) version or whether the project should aim for a DSpace 7.0 release that is more feature complete.
  • Configurable Entities. Much of the controversy is centered around configurable entities, which is one of the main new features planned for DSpace 7. There are different views on whether the entities should be prioritized to be included in DSpace 7.0.

The proposal below is based on the (early) results of a new estimation and priorization spreadsheet for DSpace 7 that was compiled with input from Atmire, 4Science and RCAAP. The prioritization of features used a scale from 1-5, where a feature with level 1 is required for the system to function and 5 is a feature that would be nice to have but isn't required to be part of DSpace 7.0.

If the first four betas are completed as predicted, then the 5th Beta will be added to Release 7.0. If the first four Betas are not on schedule, Beta 5 features will be added to Release 7.1.

  • Start Jan 1 2019
  • Includes everything in “Critical Features” tab, and ONLY the Entities and OpenAIRE features from “Features to Discuss” tab.
  • Total Hours: 2,723 development hours, 817 code review, QA and testing hours
  • Scheduled Beta Releases (roughly 600 dev hours each)
    • Beta 1 (602 hours) release February 2020
      • Security, Performance, Browse (includes updates to Java, Spring Boot and Angular)
    • Beta 2 (598 hours) release March 2020
      • AuthN/Z, Editing, Versioning
    • Beta 3 (573 hours) release April 2020
      • Admin, Account, Submission/Workflow
    • April Milestone Beta 5 Decision: Tech Lead Reviews existing progress and schedule
    • Beta 4 (466 hours) release May 2020
      • GDPR compliance, Statistics, UI, SEO, Batch Import/Export
    • (Optional) Beta 5 (484 hours) release June 2020
      • Entities, OpenAIRE compliance
    • Version 7.0 Stable Release

Reference: DSpace Beta Release proposal - 20191121.pdf

JyrkiKristi, KristiTim
215 minEnd-of-year Fundraising

If we move quickly, we have the opportunity to do an end-of-year request for unused funds to support DSpace 7.0 development.

Proposal: Form a small (3-4 person) task force to develop messaging and prospect list for Leaders to use to make contacts prior to end of year. Lyrasis can provide resources to assist with this effort.

This initiative is dependent on:

  • approval of a Beta Release plan for DSpace 7.0
  • immediate action of Task Force to pull together necessary materials
  • willingness/ability of Leaders to schedule time during the first 2 weeks of December to make contacts
315 minVoting seat for home organization Lyrasis

Reconsider proposal for transition home organization ex officio seat on Leadership to a voting seat.

"As a stakeholder in the success and sustainability of the DSpace community, we propose the organizational home seat on the Leadership Group transition to a voting seat. We propose the seat be available to a representative of the organizational home for as long as the relationship between community and organizational home is active."

Currently, Erin Tripp is serving as the organizational home representative on the Leadership Group, with Laurie Arp serving as interim.


45 min, if time allowsUpdates on at-large Leadership seats and outreach efforts
5-Future meetings

December meeting (Dec 25) will be cancelled due to currently scheduled during winter holiday.Next meeting: January 22, 2020