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Comment: update status of my reviews


  1. (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: (Tim Donohue - feedback provided,  Andrea Bollini (4Science) - (warning) feedback provided)
  2. (REST Contract) Workflow step definitions (Andrea Bollini (4Science)(tick)Mark H. Wood)
  3. (REST Contract) Contract for resourcepolicies:  (Ben Bosman , Tim Donohue - minor feedback provided)
  4. (blue star) (REST Contract) Contract for authorizations endpoints (Ben BosmanPaulo GraçaTim Donohue)
  5. (REST) CRUD for collection item template (Michael SpaltiKevin Van de Velde (Atmire))
  6. (REST) REST endpoint for discovering withdrawn and private items. (Tim DonohueBen Bosman )
  7. (REST) DS-4389 improving patch system framework Part 1 (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Tim Donohue)
  8. (NEW) (REST) Ds 4317 bundles in rest continued
  9. (Angular) Shibboleth integration support:  (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) reviewed again fixed error with yarn start, Fernando FCT/FCCN, Paulo Graça - feedback provided)
  10. (Angular) Tracking stats from the UI ((tick)Tim Donohue , (tick) Paulo Graça , Chris Wilper )
  11. (Angular) Add community & collection tree ((tick)Tim Donohue - code works, but test failures, Michael Spalti , Paulo Graça )
  12. (Angular) Edit collection - content source tab
    title1 approval
      (Paulo Graça - issues found, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  13. (blue star) (Angular) Refactor Submission Parsers (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) , (tick) Tim Donohue )
  14. (Angular) Add/Edit Community and Collection Logos (Art Lowel (Atmire) - (warning) provided feedback, Tim Donohue  - (warning) tested but ran into bugs)
  15. (Backend) dspace.bat file: 
    title1 approval
     (Tim Donohue - (tick) Verified on Windows. One minor change needed,  Mark H. Wood  , Alexander Sulfrian, Chris Wilper , Andrea Bollini (4Science) - (tick) verified on linux)