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ITAV Assessment

Survey results, secondary analysis (table below)

  • 70% manager/executive
  • 80% assign ARKs
  • top vote getter (below): promotion

Draft membership pitch

Starting meeting from where Nov 14 AG meeting left off...
KW: what would a public announcement say?
KE: good question, what's the message
KW: the MVP, to keep essential services going, 
KW: 40 x $5K could work; portico does it by size, but there are costs to
administer a tiered model
LA: it's easy to talk about this as a one-time thing; different answer for
doing it for the long term; membership fatigue needs to be counter-acted;
in parallel with a m'ship strategy, could you have strategic partners that
could take on some of the burden so that the membership ask is lower;
also, how can members become partners;
very hard to count on in-kind contributions in future; but you can look at
what's been done to see if a member qualifies for the next year
KW: worst thing that can happen is if the fee changes, since libraries have a
hard time dealing with that kind of change; so make sure not to low ball
LA: if you pre-pay, you should get a multi-year benefit; they have to feel like
their fee is really keeping things going
KW: why would anyone pay if CDL is not saying they're pulling out
LA: the longer an org has done, it the harder it can be to get out of it;
here's where partners can help
KE: will talk to GW about getting a clear message out
KE: per KW, tiered membership can be hard to administer; per LA, partners
should be sought to lower the ask

Numbers of respondents for survey questions 8-19EffortFunding
Effort to promote ARK understanding and usage193
Effort to catalog what ARKs are being used to identify111
Effort to coordinate the activities of the newly forming ARK community and provide policy, governance, sustainability & administrative support83
Open source development of ARK resolver software (next generation of NOID &
Open source development of ARK management application (similar to
Running a consortial ARK infrastructure based on the open source efforts listed above on behalf of the ARK community65

Action items

  •  CDL will craft a member pitch and a partner pitch