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Discussion items


New working group member, Karen, will be replacing Sheila.

revisiting new inflection, ?info, as landing page – new document summarizing discussion so far

Proposed: for any ARK XX?info should lead to an HTML-formatted "landing" document (page) with metadata embedded as JSON-LD. The metadata, in human- and machine-readable form, includes

  1. The ARK X
  2. Descriptive metadata:
    1. who
    2. what
    3. when
    4. where
    5. how (metatype, similar to resourcetype)
    6. domain-specific elements (eg, publications vs physical samples vs vocabulary terms)
  3. PIDs to first-level variants (versions, formats, change history) and components of X, if any
  4. PID to the first logical ancestor of X
    1. eg, if X is a PDF variant of a document object, this points to the logical object ARK listing X along with its sibling HTML and MSWord forms
  5. PID to the last logical ancestor of X
    1. eg, if X is a section of a chapter of a book, this points to the book logical object
  6. Change history, if any
  7. Licensing and accessibility information
  8. How to cite, including "cite-as" header
  9. Persistence statement

A great example to follow would be the A data citation roadmap for scholarly data repositories.

Action items

  •  Greg Janée Look into what is expected for html vs json responses.