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  • November 8, 2019

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Richard Green

Dan Coughlin

Glen Horton (Cincinnati)

Discussion items

  • Additions to today's agenda
  • FYI: At the St Louis Partner meeting, Richard Green was asked to facilitate all Partner calls for which he is available during his time as Operations Adviser.
  • Next meeting - facilitator, note taker
  • $1M Arcadia grant to advance Hyku - Ellen Ramsey from UVA will join us.
  • Next Partner Meeting
    • We were looking to have it in Pittsburg immediately following Code4Lib which is Sunday 8 March - Wednesday 11 March, 2020 (there is no LDCX next year) but we have been unable to find an affordable venue.  We are currently exploring other options (and therefore other dates in March/April).
  • Next Samvera Virtual Connect
    • tbd March/April 2020
  • Next Samvera Connect
    • October 27-30, 2020 in Santa Barbara (just across from the beach!).  We are planning for a Partner Meeting and Dev Congress on Monday 26th October.
  • Draft job description for possible Community Manager post here - pretty well final, please add any comments directly that might improve it.  Closing date for comments: EOB Friday 15 November.
  • Grants:  Steering would like to have brief details of any Samvera-related grant projects that you are working on.  They are going to (a) try and keep a list for everyone's info and (b) put together a historical list that might be useful in marketing etc.
  • Anything to bring to Steering's attention? (Standing item)
  • add items here!