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  • Key thing to be aligned on going into the sprint
  • Ben updated the doc with some code examples
  • TODO:  Ben will make another version of pseudocode based off discussion.  If we sign off on that, then it makes sense to progress to a PR

Functional requirements

  • David created a doc of functionalities handled at the repository level from a broader "levels of preservation" discussion.  If folks have time to take a look at it, please do so.  It is very high-level.
    • Some items Fedora is capable of handling already, some may be handled by external services
    • Would like agreement of functional requirements, and determine which ones are already planned for fcrepo6 vs not.
  • Action item:  Flag things as in-scope of out of scope for Fedora,  For out of scope,  how would we envision Fedora integrated with an external system to accomplish (e.g. virus checking, quarantine), or do we make a claim that an area of activity is out of scope?