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  • Release 6.1.0 prep - testing phase 
  • Updates - status and activity
    1. LYRASIS
    2. TDL
    3. CANARIE grant
  • Operations notes, issues, concerns
  • Updates from or planning for relevant conferences/events
    • One to Many grant
    • DigiPres (upcoming)
  • Development activity, PRs and reviews


  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


Release testing

  • Nick started deployment and testing yesterday
  • Issue that Danny noted about the scroll bars
  • The OpenStack provider is being considered experimental at this point
  • Nick planning to test the other tickets (SyncTool and storage stats), should be done with testing by tomorrow (Wed)
  • Bill would like to do a release this week if possible
  • Danny in the middle of testing the SyncTool parts, just wrapping that up now
  • Andy can provide OpenStack end-point credentials for testing
  • Scroll bars issue - we landed on just letting scroll bars happen


    • Bill at DigiPres and working on OTM
    • Danny working on release testing
  • TDL
    • Nick's been doing testing, looking to upgrade as soon as release is ready. Some internal things that were waiting on this release
    • Working to get funding for Bill to attend the private data grant
    • TDL is doing a planning grant to look at private and sensitive data, looking at service models and the agreements that would need to be in place
    • Meeting of the DPS Collaborative happened at DigiPres
    • Mill still has work to be done, to get things writing to Rabbit MQ (it can read from the queue, but writing to the queue isn't happening yet)
    • Good traction on WestVault - working with LOCKSS v2.0, which has a push function (should be done in the next couple weeks)
      • May not require the bridge if the push model is a better fit
    • Standing up test instances using OpenStack Train (doesn't actually work with base Stein, they were using a patched version)
    • Also looking at MinIO object storage (, docker-based, instance per tenant (as an alternative to Swift) - experiments to be done to determine which is most S3 compatible


  • There are a few PRs open that updates the RTS to handle DSpace 6 and 7 (opened by Michael S)
    • The next several months, expecting more folks wanting to use the RTS
  • Things may come up after release


One to Many

DigiPres (Digital Preservation 2019)

Private and Sensitive data grant

  • Meeting in Dec in Austin