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Comment: Clarify Fedora->OCFL agenda item based on conversation with Andrew



  1. Announcements 
    1. Sprint 2
    2. ?
    Let's nail down Fedora 6's implementation plan related to OCFL
  2. If this is not possible, do we move forward with a temporary persistence implementation?See if we can get a unified vision for how we want Fedora to interact with OCFL, so that we can propose one of the following to the leadership group:
    1. Recommend pushing for changes to the OCFL spec (i.e. a mutable head), so that both versioned and un-versioned content can be "in" OCFL
    2.  Accept the immutability of object versions in OCFL, and recommend one of the following
      1. Fedora shall store un-versioned content outside of OCFL in a fedora-specific layout
      2. Fedora shall disallow un-versioned content entirely
    3. Recommend Fedora use something other than OCFL for Fedora's persistence layer, and create external tools for exporting/publishing to OCFL when desired.
  3. Other questions to be answered
    1. “When making a request during a transaction, should the ACL of the HEAD version of the resource be evaluated, or the ACL of the version of the resource that exists in the transaction?”
      1. Related to
      2. from Decisions and Open Questions
    2. What is the approach we want to take for adding digests to external binaries?
    3. What do we want our approach to be for loading Fedora6 resources? lazy or eager?
      1. Related to 
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