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VTLS Inc. is a leading global company that creates visionary technology in library solutions. They provide these solutions to a diverse customer base of more than 900 libraries in over 32 countries. As providers of library solutions for more than twenty-five years, VTLS knows intimately what libraries and information centers need, and is also an innovative leader in developing cutting-edge products libraries will want in the future. Their catalog includes products such as Virtua, the first Unicode compliant ILS, and the first to incorporate FRBR functionality; VITAL, a digital repository software built on an open-source framework; and Fastrac, a versatile RFID solution.

VITAL is an institutional repository solution designed for universities, libraries, museums, archives and information centers. Built on Fedora™, this software is designed to simplify the development of digital object repositories and to provide seamless online search and retrieval of information for administrative staff, contributing faculty and end-users. VITAL provides all types of institutions a way to broaden access to valuable resources that were once only available at a single location and to a finite number of patrons. By eliminating the traditional limitations information seekers encounter, this technology grants access to materials for all authorized end-users, from professional researchers to recreational learners.

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