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Upcoming blog posts, messaging:
  • The general message should not promise any new release dates even with the estimation process. No beta release this year.
    Developers need the freedom to take time to do the work correctly.
  • Not sending any update message is a bad sign for DSpace 7.
  • The Marketing Group is in alignment that we want a general update message  about Dspace 7.
  • The estimation process will indicate the number of days needed by one full time person to get to a  beta release–information about volunteer efforts will not be accounted for in estimation process.
  • Could we list topics that the dev team is working on/completing parts of?
  • More interesting to general audience to list high level functionality and how current efforts will enable key functionality for users.
    • Articulate design strategy around internationalization: automated tools.
    • Stats
  • We don’t know when the estimation process will be complete. Estimation document is public but link is not widely distributed
  • Kristi Park (new DSpace Leadership Group chair) is wondering about messaging—Share marketing plan with leaders (Oct 23)?
  • From a marketing perspective: keep on postponing until DSpace 7 is fully ready or release something soon?
  • Zero value for a release before beta; no interim release, Bram
  • Any kind version of DSpace 7 that is closer to 6 contains the angular UI and can be considered stable would have value; people are not adopting Dspace DSpace because they are not confident in DSpace 7 developmentdon't want to invest into DSpace 6 UIs anymore, Pascal
  • Bram suggests that there are 2 big themes that must be guaranteed as part of any release: security; performance. Do not want to put something in users hands that is substandard in these areas
  • This DSpace 7 development pivot point is an open conversation, the marketing group is part of it.
  • BIG question: what is the community (primarily) waiting for in DSpace 7?
    • Entities is key
    • Very large Latin American community, UG communities—OpenAire Guidelines compliance because they have national mandates to comply
    • Just want to know that OA compliance is happening in DSpace 7
    • would it be ok to delay OpenAire compliance to DSpace 8
    • Marketing group will review DSpace 7 Pivot marketing plan at DSpace Leadership group meeting Oct 23
    • Bram Luyten (Atmire) and Carol Minton Morris  to rework first message by Oct 22; marketing group to review
"Adopt a feature" idea follow-upSusanna
  • Susanna Mornati (4Science) presented the "Adopt a feature" idea at the North American DSUG meeting. The idea is that when feature development estimates are ready it will be easier to find developers who will volunteer to complete a specific, time-boxed feature, or find institutions that would pay to "sponsor" completing a feature.
  • Need completed estimates for this initiative to be effective.
    $ will be lost by end of year particularly in Europe where institutions have money left in bugrets that they would like to contribute to DSpace 7 development.
  • Carol has requested that this concept be reviewed for feasibility by LYRASIS administration. Nothing to report currently.

Outreach message to leaders of global user groups

  • This message will go to all 13 leaders of international user groups, will be translated into regional languages and sent to UG members from leaders.
  • Opportunity to engage/begin global conversation around Dspace development
  • Please review/comment/edit document by 10/25