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Leadership supports no longer providing dates for the release timeline. What pages need to be updated?

DSpace Release 7.0 Status

Heather/Susanna (from the last LG)

Dates have been changed more than 40 times; great number of institutions counting on release of DSpace 7; no precise dates but turn into a positive message

Focus on astable and high quality release

DSpace 7 page on web site

Status page on wiki, who updates? Bram to update, this group to review by 10/11/19

Section on release schedule/timeline

Try to include positive messages

Tim's slides from OR had lots of information about the impact and importance of this release, perhaps use some of this info in pivot message

Upcoming blog posts, messaging

Communication Develop a communication package to the larger community about this pivot

Google doc by 10/11/19, Carol

DSpace 6 is a very good stable version to work with

--migration procedures in place

Community is supporting last 3 versions, plenty of time and support to work with past versions

Older versions will continue to be supported

DSpace 6 compatible with Java 11?

"Adopt a feature" ideaSusanna

NADSUG meeting–when estimates are ready perhaps developers will "adopt a feature" or perhaps an institution would pay for a discreet feature

feedback from DSUG was positive

Parts of budgets have not yet been spent in 2019

Step 1, LYRASIS management question, Carol to ask

Bram has had similar convos with atmire clients, if all of funds are not earmarked in last 3 months, working with existing contracts may be easier

End of year may be too soon to begin a new fundraising campaign

Does not need to be concluded by end of 2019

Need an agreement by end of 2019, does not need to be concluded/paid

Adding features to DSpace 7 requires code review, cannot promise that any feature will be implemented exactly as imagined, really selling R & D time, monthly updates/accountability to sponsor may be required, very hard as a deliverable, will depend on how complex the feature is, features are interdependent 

idea of "adopting" is a contribution-type idea to the community effort

"Adopt" is not control over feature

Community makes features available ultimately

Off topic but related:

Minor releases are less attractive as fundraising benefits/incentives

Minor release of say DSpace 5, would LYRASIS be able to give an RSP recognition for coordinating a minor release?

Finding more active committers after release of DSpace 7

3 endorsers!Bram, Pascal, Susanna3 now:

Action items



Update DSpace 7 page on wiki by 10/4/19 DSpace Release 7.0 StatusBram, for review by all
Message for wide distribution to the larger community about the DSpace 7 scheduling pivot, google doc by 10/11/19, CarolCarol, for review by all
Carol will work with Bram every month to develop a story about features that have been developed for DS7

Start releasing information about milestones as they are met, to show the progress currently being made each week. 

Keep looking for endorsers and considering what the ask is for the campaign – what will they do to respond?
Carol will keep the group informed about the combining of the web presence into LYRASIS