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  • Quick intros (welcome to Helen)
  • Discussion of
    • Ben has removed any creation of Authority control values. This PR will be limited to Entities only
      • We also discussed that any changes to Authority Control values should be brought to / proposed to the DSpace 7 Working Group, as that is outside the scope of the Entities WG.  We should remain concentrated on Entities alone...though if we have broader ideas/proposals we can present them to the DSpace 7 WG
    • Discussion of whether the POST to create Entities should be on the /items endpoint or /workspaceitems
      • If on /items, this would be Admin only.  Only Admins would be able to create Entities from ORCID or similar external systems. This endpoint also skips workflow approval (which is why it's Admin only)
      • If on /workspaceitems, then more people could create Entities. However, Entities pulled from ORCID would also need to go through workflow approval (if enabled on the Collection)
      • After much discussion, we've realized this is very similar to DSpace 6.x Live import feature: 2016 Framework for live import from external sources
        • This is not yet built into 7.x, but is still in our Planning spreadsheet.
      • Live import seems like the same use case, as its purpose is to lookup information from an external source and then create an Item based on that external source metadata
      • We agree that there seems like a dependency here on that Live Import feature first being better defined
    • Later discussion that we need to keep in mind that this contract is currently assuming that we can generalize different external sources under a single endpoint.  While we hope this to be true, Andrea BBollini (4Science) 's comment  comment is correct. If we begin to find that during implementation, generalization is extremely difficult or impossible, we may need to revisit this REST contract and consider separate endpoints per external service (ORCID, PubMed, etc).
    • Summary: For the time being, we will move forward with this contract as a read-only  endpoint.  Creation of Entities from external sources may depend on Live Import (see above).  Any suggestions to changes to Authority system should go through the borader DSpace 7 WG.  If we find during implementation that we cannot have a generalized endpoint, we will remove it and replace with specific endpoints per external source.
  • Discussion of our list of Tasks
    • Lieven Droogmans has a summarized list of remaining tasks that he presented at the North American User Group
      • He has volunteered to rework the above "Task List" based on the list of remaining tasks he gathered.
      • We will then revisit this list next week to ensure it is complete & has enough detail
    • Lieven notes that getting two estimators per task might be more difficult in this smaller group.   Could Tim do the secondary estimates for each task?
      • Tim says it might be possible, but would want to check with Heather too.  It'd put more on her shoulders to ensure I'm also unable to see others estimates, etc.   Remember, the two estimators should not be able to see each others estimates as it could introduce accidental bias to the estimates.
      • Tim will report back on discussion internally.
  • Next meeting is next week, Oct 15.  Main topic right now is narrowing down our list of tasks to those which will be estimated & those which we feel are likely out-of-scope for DSpace 7.