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  • Release 6.1 - deploy current dev branch and do some testing. Bill has started testing but not gotten far due to other priorities. 
  • Expecting to work on this and complete the week of 10/21
  • Any testing anyone else can do, Bill is happy to have help using the list above
  • Nick looking at the replication task suite in DSpace 6 not working with DuraCloud. There are some outstanding PRs.   
  • Amazon Linux - moving to Linux 2. Bill will investigate requirements to move to 2
  • JIRA ticket for upgrading Java under DuraCloud 
  • One to Many grant is looking at Hyrax but meant to be generic. Also a bridge system, new idea of a bridge to be in spec form. Intends to be a workflow to move content through intermediaries in a way similar to DC bridge but allows for more frequent updates and changes. Repo changes can be sent at the work/object level. Just a spec, no dev work.
  • DigiPres – Post-DPN panel and update on One to Many grant, and one on doing digital preservation in a way that is more built into AWS. Become clear that S3 use is a trend, but for preservation we need to build tools around S3. How would we build DuraCloud today? What could we do in regard to serverless capabilities?