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Islandora @ UPEI Robertson Library

Islandora is an open source project underway at the Robertson Library at the[ University of Prince Edward Island|]. Islandora combines the Drupal and Fedora software applications to create a robust digital asset management system that can be used for any requirement where collaboration and digital data stewardship, for the short and long term, are critical.

We are creating a number of initiatives under the umbrella of the Islandora project, all developed using the innovative Islandora software suite, including:

  • VRE (Virtual Research Environment) - a collection of customized Islandora sites used by researchers at UPEI and elsewhere to steward research data. More information about our VRE's is available from the links on this site.
  • - a number of digital collections created by UPEI and our partners, providing access to a wide range of digital documents and materials.
  • Repository-In-A-Box - a unique solution for building Institutional Repositories and as seen with UPEI's own IslandScholar site.

There are also an increasing number of institutions using Islandora for their own repository systems. If you are using Islandora we would like to add your name to our list of collaborators: contact Mark at the co-ordinates below with information about your project.

The Islandora team is also available to provide support and development services on a short or long-term basis. If you would like get more information on service options contact Mark at the coordinates below.

For more information about Islandora, explore our site, request an account, or send an e-mail to Mark Leggott (