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  1. With the proposal of removing the SSR are we thinking that we will also support out of domain subjects?
  2. OCFL
    1. Will OCFL versions map directly to Fedora versions? Or will Fedora versions be tags of OCFL versions?
      1. Will past versions be able to be deleted?
    2. How will unversioned changes be be persisted?
    3. Where will changes within a transaction be stored prior to committing?
  3. What representation should be used for resources on disk?
    1. Some examples here
  4. Automatically generated checksums
    1. If the user does not supply any digests, should Fedora generate any automatically like it has done with sha1's in fcrepo4?
    2. OCFL will generate a digest automatically for storage reasons (not necessarily always the same algorithm), should this be surfaced in Fedora?
    3. Should the digests included in existing OCFL objects be surfaced in fedora?
  5. Search service synchronous or asynchronous? 
  6. Canonicalization of RDF,  checksumming metadata, and the possibility of byte-for-byte I/O of metata resources.
    1. Is this of use:
  7. Converter framework:  should it stay or should it go?
  8. Should we evaluate a "Minimal" Fedora 3 migration, where all datastreams from a fcrepo3 object are placed into a single OCFL object with no modifications?