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Part 2:

  1. Danny Bernstein   
  2. Peter Winckles
  3. Ben Pennell
  4. Ben Cail
  5. Jared Whiklo
  6. Aaron Birkland
  7. Bethany Seeger


  1. Announcements
  2. Previous topic wrap-up: 
    1. Java 11
  3. Moving  into an official Fedora Github repo
    1. location
    2. checkstyle
    3. plugins 
    4. ?
  4.  fcrepo-upgrade-utils
    1. Minimal 4 →5 migration needs testing  and code review:
  5. Organizing a Fedora documentation review
  6. Update on Fedora 6 Pilots 
  7. Sprint Planning
    1. 6.0 Architecture Review - focus on OCFL + Transactions
    2. Transaction Sidecar Spec Update
    3. Design reflections on multi-object transactions
    4. Open questions
      1. Tombstone Support in 6 
  8. Your topic here...


  1. In Review


    serverDuraSpace JIRA

  2. Please squash a bug!


    serverDuraSpace JIRA

  3. Tickets resolved this week:


    serverDuraSpace JIRA

  4. Tickets created this week:


    serverDuraSpace JIRA



  1. Announcements
    1. David Wilcoxand Andrew Woods are giving a fedora workshop next week in Switzerland at an Islandora training. 
    2. Daniel Lamb  talked about the recent Islandora webinar on upcoming release of Islandora 8 and new features. 
    3. Daniel Lamb  - went to Drupal Government meeting – Islandora 8 was well received there and some groups plan to use it (Fish and Wildlife for one).  Islandora is becoming known in the Drupal community as well.  Many Drupal Vendors are aware of what Islandora is and they are starting to use Islandora8.  IBM has gotten it to pass all security passes and are going to be using it.
  2. We do want to move forward with Java 11 - just a matter of when.  Andrew Woodssent an email about java out last week, which got stuck in moderation is now sent out:!topic/fedora-tech/m3wXyarxRJY    This serves as the 3 month notice, as specified in our policy.
    1. idea is to use Java 11 to compile to java 8 byte code and be useable by JVM using java 8 - 11. We should try for this and reconsider if it doesn't work. 
    2. Andrew Woods will explore this to check it out.  Starting on 'master' might be a good move, as this might work better without modeshape related code being there.
  3. Moving  into an official Fedora Github repo?
    1. Bethany Seeger has a concern about tightly coupling a client to fedora creating "fedoraisms"
    2. Suggestion of having it under the OCFL project - are there any copyright concerns of hosting it there? Probably not. 
    3. Idea then is that it would be published as a separate artifact that we include in Fedora 6
    4. Maybe Aaron Birkland's go client could be hosted there as well. 
    5. We need to talk to OCFL folks about this idea.
    6. Fedora would define an interface for how it would communicate to a persistence layer.  An adapter would be written to adapt to a particular OCFL client.
      1. dealing with unversioned content is challenging
      2. Is there value in showing fedora could work with different OCFL clients?  Is something like this important to us (ie: not baking in assumptions about the OCFL client)?  There is room in the OCFL spec that are open to interpretation in creation of clients, how would we work with that?
      3. Fedora could create an interface so that clients can understand/comply with fedora expectations.  
      4. We will continue this conversation in an hour (for those that can)
  4. Organizing a Fedora documentation review
    1. Should we organize a doc review?   It can involve other folks in the community. 
    2. Go through pages, see what works, make a list of necessary changes and things found not to be working.
    3. Can be a short sprint. David Wilcoxwill work on pulling this together. 
  5. Multi-object transactions


  •  Aaron Birkland  to look explore notion of OCFL client with database as authoritative metadata source + asynchronous writing of the inventory.json file
  •  Peter Eichman   and maybe Ben Pennell to make recommendations re transaction side car specification.
  •  Andrew Woods will look into java 11 transition