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  • Developer Congress - Monday 21st October 2019

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If you would like to be an advocate for something please either mention it in the Samvera Slack #developer-congress channel or bring your ideas to the Developer Congress. See you there!

Final Report Outs

"Wings Development". 6 issues that were all relating to jobs trying to get done. SUPER close on all of them. Expecting to tidy it up in the corners of the week. They're very close. These were all permission oriented jobs. Did a lot of discussing about what Valkyrie is/Wings/Etc. Progress thanks to well made tickets.

"Hydra-Editor." Took a long time, but they have a PR and one set of specs is finished. Just about there. The next thing is to release 2.5.2 of Hyrax with the fixed Hydra-Editor/SimpleForm

"Browse-Everything 2.0 Group" Making steady progress in onboarding and getting environments set up for working on a testing framework for the javascript frontend. One PR for isolating/testing one component in the UI. Some difficulty getting the dev. environment set up. Added an Apache 2 license and moved the repository to samvera-labs.

"Hydra-Works Clamby" Wrapped stuff up. Got a PR submitted with integration tests in CircleCI that test ClamAV through Clamby. Done! When it's merged.

"Bundling Javascript". That went fine, but it broke all of Hyrax's unit tests. Trying to figure out how to get the unit tests to run, but unfortunately was unable to. That work is in pull request: TBD

"Production Install Guide": Coordinating with product owner to push up the guide up to the domain.

"Create/Document/Test Migration Process from Wings to other Valkyrie Adapters." Given by Randall. Started with a barebones blank Hyrax master, created a work type, was able to cast it to a Valkyrie::Resource. Just finished spinning up a barebones Valkyrie app to do a read/write migration. The manual recipe was pretty successful. Interested in creating more documentation. Planning to do more with it.

"Hyrax 3 Blockers." Found the commit that broke it. Has yet to be solved. If you attempt to create a new work, and you try to add a user as an edit_user, when you go to create or save the work it comes with a no agent error. Traced to a change where extraneous ACLs were created.

"ActiveFedora removal from Hydra Editor". Success! There should be a PR or something soon.


We ran into a bottleneck of containers. Maybe we could buy more CircleCI containers next time?

Too many people for the space - we should double the RSVPs.

Some people didn't know how to RSVP.

Coordinators did awesome!!

Participation was really good.

Power strips were great, WiFi held up. Could use a fan.

Team Picking worked out great.

Pre-seeding the board worked out well.

It worked well to create "umbrella" thematic ticket notes on the Board.j