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Rough comparison

English versionFrench version
Presentation (persistance, inflections, persistence = a matter of service, resolution tools : Noid, EZID)Presentation (persistence, list of what ARKs can identify, qualifier part)
Structure (NAAN, NMAH, qualifier)Structure :
URL / name ARK (error : the name ARK is considered a URL in the article)
1 identifier, 1..* NMAH
Commented example (actionable / non actionable part)
NMA (make the identifier actionable)
List of sample NAANs + presentation of the NAAN registryUse of ARKs
- List of NAANs
- Use by the BnF
- Use by the CDL
Generic services :
Access services (what it does)
Policy service (what it does)
Description service (what it does)

First analysis

The French version is not a translation of the English one. Each version has been conceived independently from the other. The English version is better, it should be the basis for evolution ; then the French version could be translated from the English one.


  • Presentation (could be kept as is)
  • History of ARKs
  • Governance of ARKs (CDL, AITO group, open nature of ARKs, open forum)
  • Generic services (before the structure)
  • Structure (URL vs ARK, anatomy of the ARK : scheme/NAAN/name). Proposal : illustrate with examples
  • Use of ARKs : proposal : areas of use with the map of NAANs ; center of gravity of ARKs = memory institutions (but not limited to them)

With open questions :

  • Should we add a section "relationship with other identifiers"? I think it might prove a time-consuming task which (Questionable, might lead to endless discussions on Wikipedia) relationship with other identifiers; we could be considered biassed as the ARK outreach group. In any case we can only state facts
  • Should we add a "Tools" section? It might be better to point to an external list of tools (as for NAANs)