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  1. INGEST: Move docker ingest tools from docker-compose mount directories into the docker image file system.
  2. VARIABLES: Simplify variable overrides by not using dashes and docs in variable names.
    1. Could a config map be used?
  3. CFG: Create a mechanism to pass in a config file when starting an image
  4. CLI: Migrate all CLI functionality to REST API calls.  Create a queue system to allow some tasks to run in an isolated memory space.
  5. VOLS: Implement volumes as cloud storage.  Cloud storage could be accessed from multiple nodes. Ensure that all CLI tasks (esp filter-media tasks) do not rely on a file system.
  6. REPL: Allow the database to be replicated to multiple nodes.
  7. EMAIL: Integrate email service into image.
  8. AUTH: Integrate authentication providers into image.