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  • Samvera Tech Call 2019-07-31

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  • Previous Tech. call, a developer congress was discussed, and this was raised to the attention of Steering
  • What should be the focus areas or topics?
  • What kind of information can be provided to the planning committee?
  • How can we ensure that attendees have the ability to request for the resources to attend a day earlier than Samvera Connect
  • What is a Developer Congress?
    • It's definitely about writing code
    • Previous congresses have discussed style conventions, and other decisions regarding standards and practices
  • Are there any proposals thus far?
    • There was a small conversation on Slack, and we decided to solicit ideas
    • How planned do we want the event to be?
    • Some Congresses have been overly-planned, and others structured akin to unconferences
    • Chris: A planned sprint like what was held at Penn State University for a week was successful
      • Teams were identified, and this permitted participants at all skill levels to contribute
    • Trey: Planned conferences usually were formed in response to a community need
      • Do we have anything that we need to be addressed as a community?
      • hydra-access-controls has been discussed on #dev
    • Tom: Expect the landscape to be different in three months
      • Not necessarily that predications about what would be of interest can't be made
      • Hyrax/Valkyrie work is going to move interest away from problem areas similar to what was discussed for hydra-access-controls
    • Also, keep in mind that this is one day
      • Perhaps smaller scale tickets, documentation issues should instead be considered
    • Tom: Expect that there will be a large Hyrax documentation gap by this date
      • This might be of interest given that it will address documenting Valkyrie patterns
      • It will be appealing even to those who aren't planning to use Hyrax
    • Anna: Should we invite Product Owners or members of the Core Component Maintenance group to steer the planning for this?
      • Perhaps this could assist with forming teams
    • LaRita: In the past, there were multiple tracks
      • Perhaps documentation could be on track with component maintenance being the other
  • Next Steps
    • Identify one or multiple product owners to select tickets
    • Focus areas might be predominantly for documentation
    • Perhaps announce the day and time with the high level areas of focus which were just discussed?
      • Soliciting participation through this might be best
    • Planning meetings for the Dev Congress
      • Haven't met yet, just a private message group
      • Can move this to a channel on Slack
        • #developer-congress will be used
    • People are already making travel plans and might not be aware that this is happening
  • If we can't tell people what they are doing exactly, we can at least tell them who they would be collaborating with
    • Maybe start a Wiki page listing those who are planning to attend?
    • Which Confluence space should be used?
      • The Connect 2019 space might be a good space for it
      • Program Committee is viewing this as a separate event, perhaps there is a Dev. Congress space?
    • How are people going to know that it is happening if it is not found on the Connect 2019 space?
      • It will be promoted by the Program Committee
      • Trey will take the action item to make the page
      • Anna will discuss this with the Program Committee (they are a member)

Next Samvera Tech. Call

  • Moderator: LaRita
  • Notetaker: James


  • Chris Colvard
  • Tom Johnson
  • Thomas Scherz



  • Tom still owes feedback on this


  • Great effort for internationalization
  • If this could pushed into a passing state, that would facilitate the review process
  • Failing due to some missing translations on the branch still


  • Test against Rails 5.2.x releases
  • Chris offered some minor changes
  • Removed the `#to_model` method from `WorkflowResponsibilityForm`
  • This should return `self` (that is a `SimpleForm` support issue)
  • The tests failing in CI aren't failing locally for Chris
  • Tom might be able to assist

ActiveFedora releases

  • Ensure that hydra-head does not break with a new release of ActiveFedora
  • Should anyone attempt to update hydra-head before a new release of that is made...
  • Chris approved and will run this by Tom before cutting a release for AF

Session concluded at 09:36PDT/12:36EDT