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  • Chris walked us through early performance testing results at
    • Test data set & more info is at: DSpace 7 Performance Testing
    • A few areas that need work were called out:
    • Ideally, all REST queries should be <2 seconds (at slowest)
    • Andrea points out overlaps here with Projection discussions, see 
      serverDuraSpace JIRA
      • Projections would let the UI limit what info is returned per request.  This could speed up individual queries significantly, as often the UI doesn't need all metadata or all bitstreams... but currently all queries return a lot of embedded content, etc.
      • Need to revisit Projections in light of these results
    • Lots of suggestions for future performance testing areas (to enhance future data sets, testing points)
      • Testing performance from an SEO perspective (tests that act as a web crawler)
      • Testing performance of Entities (e.g. an article with many authors, or an person with many articles).  Paulo mentioned he has some real life data that could be used here
    • Additional suggestions should be added to Wiki page at DSpace 7 Performance Testing
  • Laura briefly overviewed her design proposal for Community pages:
    •  See: Community page mockups
    • Designs were based on local user feedback at NYU
    • Discussion here was limited (as first topic ran long).  However, all are encouraged to bring these designs back to your institution for feedback/analysis.  Also looking for additional "Design objectives" (based on other local user testing).
    • REVISIT in meeting on August 1 (in two weeks, because Laura is out next week).  This topic will be first on the agenda that week.