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TopicContactTime EstimationNotes
Governance review after first yearRosalyn Metz / Carolyn Caizzi
The Governance working Group required an annual review of the "new" governance procedures.  This session was called into question - too early yet?
Steering by-laws reviewRichard Green5-10minsProposal to make a slight addition: Proposed changes to Bylaws for November 2019
Contribution Model Working Group #2 reportRosalyn Metz60minsReport back and discussion.
Fundraising and DuraSpace/Lyrasis mergerRichard Green/Jon Dunn15minsReport on the changes caused by the merger and on 2019 fundraising. Proposals for fundraising 2020.
Report on progress towards permanent appointmentsJon Dunn10minsA Steering sub-committee hopes to have draft job descriptions written no later than this meeting.  Need discussing/approval (subject to a Partner vote?)
Spring f2f meeting - host and timeframeRichard/Brian10minsMight it be tagged on to LDCX wherever that is held (which won't be Stanford)?
Dates for VC2020?Richard/Brian10mins
Might Connect have a 'proper' keynote in 2020?All10mins
Fundraising WG final reportJon Dunn, Richard Green15mins
Review viability and usefulness of partner monthly phone callsKaren Cariani10minsAssess the impact and value of the partner meetings.  Who attends regularly? What is accomplished by the phone calls? How can they be improved?   
Roadmap Council reportMark Bussey and others20-25 mins

via email 8/21:  The Roadmap Council is beginning to reflect on what it’s next iteration might look like and realized that we should probably be planning for some kind of report our at Samvera Connect in October.

CCMWG report (group with WG/IG updates)Trey Pendragon? / Mark Bussey?10mins
SIGHAR report (group with WG/IG updates)Rob Kaufman10mins
Hyku IG report (group with WG/IG updates)10mins
Marketing WG report (group with WG/IG updates)TBD10mins
Hyrax WG (group with WG/IG updates)Rob Kaufman30minsHyrax WG ask for 2020
What are the assumptions behind programming Samvera Connects (virtual and f2f)? Inclusiveness or selective? Richard Green & Brian McBride15mins
Dates for Connect 2020 (Local Host UCSB)Chrissy Rissmeyer1 min!